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Many startups and small businesses incur significant shipping charges making shipping a big expense. If you are looking to save on the cost of shipping, then you are in the right place. Savvy and resourceful entrepreneurs have found different ways to reduce their shipping charges, and we are sharing all those tips and tricks here. 

Negotiating with Multiple Shipping Carriers 

Shipping companies set their pricing schedules based on the volume. According to these pricing schedules, clients shipping more volume get to enjoy lower shipping rates. While this is something in the public domain, most small businesses fail to realize that they might have some negotiating power. If you are shipping a large number of packages using a particular carrier, compare the prices they are offering you and try to persuade them to provide you with better shipping rates. If your carrier realizes that their competitor is vying for your business, chances are you have something to negotiate. 

Partner with Different Suppliers to Use Your Shipping Number 

Do you have domestic suppliers who regularly ship products to you then invoice you the transport costs? If the answer is yes, it is time to persuade them to ship to you using your carriers account number. By doing this, you will be increasing your business’s shipping volume which can earn you lower shipping rates. Another benefit of doing this is that it prevents suppliers from sending you products from padding their shipping costs. Individuals who are successfully doing this recommend including this shipping requirement in the purchase order to your suppliers. 

Using Packaging Provided by Your Courier Service 

By using your own packaging, you risk facing additional charges if your packaging boxes exceed those being used by your courier. To avoid these extra charges, it is advisable to use the packaging being offered by your courier service because they lack dimensional fees. While using your courier’s default packaging may lead to considerable savings, mailing shipping tubes can be an alternative. 

It Is Time to Consider A Regional Courier 

Regional couriers often provide the same services similar to your local courier but at a reduced cost. While using regional couriers might help you make considerable savings, these couriers tend to have a less flexible delivery network as compared to local courier services. It is therefore advisable to make a switch from a local to regional courier if it does not harm your business operations. Additionally, your bargaining power might take a hit if you spread your business across many carriers; therefore, only make the switch if necessary. 

Using Online Shipping Will Save You Money 

It is proven that making your shipping payments online saves you money. The amount you can save varies from one courier to another. By making online payments for your shipping, you can save up to 16% on priority mail and up to 60% on express mail while using USPS courier service. You can visit your courier’s website to know how much you can save from your courier by making online payments for your shipping.