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Owning a business can be fun. If you like to clean, then having a janitorial business doesn’t seem that difficult to run. The same rules apply like with any business, customer service is extremely important. When you have a janitorial business some of the things you will need include cleaning supplies, cleaning equipment, and cleaning staff 

Cleaning Supplies 

Your cleaning business will not be possible without some type of supplies even if you plan to use steam on everything. You can look forward to needing things such as rags, brooms, vacuums, and dusters. If you plan to take a green approach to your cleaning you will still need eco-friendly liquids for toilets and counter wipe downs. If you are not trying to be eco-friendly you might need stronger liquids and scented items in order to get a level of cleaning that satisfies you and your client. You might also need stain removers for both carpet and wall, as well as a few scrubbers. 

Cleaning Equipment 

Some of your cleaning equipment will be more heavy duty such as industrial wet vacuums, and push brooms. You might also need pressure washers and floor scrubber equipment berwyn il. Your heavy duty equipment can be kept in a single location until it’s time to complete a major job at one of your client locations. Keeping your items locked away in a single location makes it easier to remember where they are and it also keeps the item safe from theft. Leave the keys and product location under the protection of yourself or two key people who understand they are in charge of keeping the location as discreet as possible. 

Cleaning Staff 

A cleaning company might start off with just a few employees but as time goes on and you grow your business you will need additional employees to help you get the work done. Your goal will be to provide a consistent quality of service for all clients. It was your work that was impressing the new clients and earned you the new service contracts. The size of the team you need depends on how many clients you have to service. Most cleaning is completed after business hours so you will need a team that is available in the evenings. A good way to make your team is to assign tasks. You can have a couple of folks on trash, a couple on vacuuming, and a couple on counter wipe downs. Be sure to have a night manager come in after hours and make sure the space looks way cleaner than it did before. 


If you’re passionate about cleaning, then a cleaning business might be the right path for you. You can start it alone or with a partner first to see if you enjoy doing it. If you like the business aspect of it, hire a team right away and convey your expectations. Things you will need to invest in for your company include cleaning supplies, equipment, and staff.