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RoyalCBank one of the best brokers who deal in cryptocurrency and forex broking services. RoyalCBank one of the best brokers dealing in cryptocurrency and offering the traders various platforms for doing trading on various kinds of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, etc. It is one of the most reliable brokers that you will ever find. If you have chosen RoyalCBank, means your investments are completely in the safe hands and you don’t have to worry about anything. The broker is regulated under FinaCom. So, they are one of the most reliable and trustworthy broker having an authority to be accountable for.


Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency which is basically available online and cannot be seen in physical form. It uses the cryptographical function to do any financial transactions and is used for trading purposes, purchasing and selling online and many other such purposes. It is not controlled by either state government or central government so it is free from any kind of regulation that is it can be easily traded online without any kind of interference. It can be done freely without any middleman or broker between the buyer and seller, therefore, making it an easy process of exchange and helping users to do transactions without involving any middleman and making them free from the burden of heavy fees charged by the middleman. Despite the cryptocurrency having various advantages, it is not known to most of the population as many are not aware of it and if even they know, they don’t have the knowledge about its process and how it operates.


Bitcoin is used to do peer to peer networking. It cannot be owned or possessed by anybody. It is available online as it is an open-source and anybody can use bitcoins. It was developed in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin is owned by a decentralized authority and has a lot of transaction fees. Bitcoins are so popular and their balances are kept in individual ledgers in the clouds and due to their success, the large number of alternative virtual currency has developed such as Altcoins. There is a mining of bitcoins done that is a process through which bitcoins are released into circulation. 3 millions of bitcoins are yet to be mined.

Forex market

Foreign exchange services or forex services are the conversion of a particular currency into another one like dollars is converted into rupees and vice versa. Forex is performed widely on a daily basis by people such as while travelling to another country they exchange the home currency into foreign currency or it is used by government and financial institutions such as banks for doing financial transactions. Forex services can be performed by foreign currency travellers’ cheque, foreign currency demand draft or directly through foreign currency cash. Forex services are not performed at any physical place rather they are performed online between banks, traders, government and other players to perform financial transactions. The spot market, the future’s market is used to do forex services. It is also called an interbank market because banks deal with it mostly.


RoyalCBank provides various advantages to its customers such as:-

  • Providing its users an easy mode of the transaction through the laptop, smartphone, desktop computers and tablets
  • Huge number of option available for its customers to trade in such as metals, equity, cryptocurrency, forex, etc
  • Gives options to traders to choose between various accounts such as Islamic, demo, ECN capabilities, etc
  • Customers have a high leverage ratio
  • Low transaction fees and spread
  • Encourages transparency and fair trading practices
  • High security


RoyalCBank provides various features out of which some of them are listed below:-

  • Availability of platforms
  • RoyalCBank uses a platform called MtTrader4 which is easy to use and a well-recognized platform. Other platform available for users is Android Trader, MT iPhone, M4 Mac OS, iPad trader, MT mul terminal, etc. There are ECN accounts available for professions and institutional traders at high speed and low charges. Mirror traders are also available.
  • High leverage options
  • It provides a high leverage ratio to its customers by providing levels such as 1:100 and 1:200.
  • Customer Support-RoyalCBank employs expert professionals who possess a good amount of knowledge and they put in a lot of effort to ensure that all the customers are able to enjoy a good trading experience. It has received a huge number of awards and it is providing access to traders globally. It provides ease of doing transactions by providing various languages such as Arabic, Chinese, Urdu, and English via e-mail live chat and phone.
  • Payment and withdrawal options-It provides various methods for deposits such as bank wire transfers, use of debit and credit cards and also local payment providers. Customers can withdraw also easily through various options available quickly and reliably. Verification of account is done by and all the services are provided to the customers.