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A home remodeling project is always going to be an expensive undertaking regardless of whether it’s a smaller one that you hope to accomplish in a short period, or a major makeover to its looks. The bathroom of your home is one area you may be looking to remodel either to restore it from damage, or to add a bright shiny new look to it. So you may wonder how much does a bathroom redo cost? That usually depends on how fancy you want the finished project to look, and whether you want to hire a contractor or go the DIY route. According to this article based on data collected from around the nation, the average bathroom remodel cost is between $12,000-$15,000, though simple small bathrooms could be as low as $3,000.

Determine Whether You Want To Keep The Bathroom Space Or Expand It

A major part of a bathroom remodel cost will be whether you want to simply redo the interior of the bathroom space you already have or do a complete expansion and essentially build a new one that will have new fixtures, new flooring or new wall designs and colorful paint for it. It’s going to cost substantially more when your plumbing infrastructure has to be redone and refitted for your new space, and you may need to plan for an extended period of having the bathroom sealed off from traffic. Usually a contractor will charge per square foot as to what the general project will cost, but this doesn’t take into account materials and labor time though.

Planning Your Bathroom’s New Design

So how do you envision your new bathroom looking like? If you’re looking to give it a full new makeover, designs like the ones HGTV might be things to inspire you. Usually it’s a matter of going somewhere in between the old and the new with some designs meant to elicit an old fashioned country feeling when you enter the room, while others provide a more urban and contemporary feel to them. Do you want to have a more feminine touch to the bathroom, or will it have the more manly tone to it? Some homeowners like to see the point of emphasis in the bathroom on a stylish sink and vanity in the room, while others prefer their tub or whirlpool fixture to be the center of attention. There’s a lot of different ways you can go with your remodeling project.

In conclusion, if you decide you want to take up the bathroom redo yourself, you may want to be ready to deal with troubleshooting and a slower process if you lack experience in heavy work. With a contractor, you’re likely to work with someone who knows designs well and can work with various schematics around your home’s infrastructure. You’ll want to check around with people who’ve had bathroom remodeling done and see who they’d recommend for quality work. Just remember to find someone who is as upfront as possible with all the costs and contract specifications.