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If you have been arrested and charged with a crime, you will first be booked and be held in your local jail. If this happens though, do not panic. In most criminal cases, the legal system will give you the opportunity to be released from jail after an arrest. This occurs when a bond hearing has happened and your bond has been set. A bond is a set amount of money that the defendant must pay in order to get out of jail. Once this amount of money is posted, then normally you are free from returning to jail until your court date. 

The downside of having bail set is that oftentimes the amount at which your bail is set may be extravagant and so high that there is no possible way that you or your loved ones can pay it. This is when a bail bondsman comes into play. A bail bondsman is an individual that person who charges a fee to criminal defendants in exchange for standing as surety for their bail. This fee is normally a percentage of the entire bail amount that was set by the judge. In most cases, it is set at 10% of what the original bail amount is. So, if you or your loved one has bail set at $100,000 dollars, then the bail bondsman would have to put up a surety for their bail in the amount of $10,000 dollars. The bondsman may also secure collateral that can be used for the remaining $90,000 dollars should you jump bail and not show up in court for the next court date. If the individual charged shows up for the next court hearing, then they will get the secure collateral back; however, the $10,000 dollars is kept by the bondsman as a profit. https://blog.suretysolutions.com/suretynews/what-is-a-bail-bond

If your loved one is in a situation in which a bond needs to be paid, then you are probably full of questions about the process. Keep in mind that you need to make sure that you have as many facts as possible before contacting a bail bondsman tulsa ok company. Make sure you know where the person is in custody at, what is the full name of the person that has been jailed, and how much is the bail. The bail bondsman will also want to know what the criminal charge is before they post bail. Also, go ahead and prepare yourself financially before visiting the bail bondsman. How much cash flow do you have available to you? Do you have any collateral that can be used to further secure the bail? Collateral that is normally accepted by a bail bondsman include cars, stocks, bonds, real estate, and jewelry. https://www.aboutbail.com/pages/frequently-asked-questions-about-bail-bonds

The judicial system can be complex, as can be the bail bonding process. If you are having difficulty finding a bondsman, you can always ask the court for references of who you can contact or do a quick search online. Lastly, make sure that you are aware of all fees that the bail bondsman may charge. You will want to get everything in writing and check and then double check what you are signing in order to protect your own interests.