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One of the hardest things about owning gold whether it’s in coins or bar bullion is when it has to be sold because getting good offers can be harder than you think. Why is that? Dealers who sell gold see it as a lucrative deal for them and will often rely on seller ignorance to try and rip people off with offers well below market price. That means you need to avoid selling gold based on impulse or desperation because it can take time to get the right offer. What you need to know is which gold buyer portland or has the best customer reviews of offering good prices, whether it would make more sense to sell online, or if you could go directly to the smelter. 

Selling Your Gold Bullion Locally 

In some cases it makes more sense to sell your gold locally because you can negotiate with buyers personally and you don’t have to risk shipping your gold to an online dealer and losing it. Often the biggest debate when selling gold is whether to go to the pawn shop or jewelry store, and as explained here, usually their asking prices will be pretty similar. What you should do is read up on what an appraisal should look like so you know whether or not the pawn broker is conducting it right or pulling a fast one. If possible, you should go with a gold coins dealer or other local precious metals shop because they usually will give better offers. 

Using Online Resources To Sell Gold 

Using online sales platforms to sell your gold does entail some risk, but if you know where to do it you may actually score some better deals than you would locally. The main thing you want to know is that you’re working with a merchant who has a solid track record of paying and meeting customer demands. As this article points out, there are are comparison resources you can use based on dealer offer price and reliability. Sometimes major precious metals companies buy certain coins if they’re in superb condition, though many prefer only to buy back bullion that they actually sold. It’s usually better to know certain details about the melt value, the Troy ounce, fine gold amount and other tools using gold appraisal resources so you can get a good idea of what you want for your gold. 

The bottom line is appraising gold bullion is a big part of selling it, but so is paying attention to the current market index. Unless you’re really in a cash crunch, it usually is best to try and sell gold as it’s primed to go up as opposed to trending downward as many dealers will take that into account. If you’re selling online, be on the lookout for hidden fees and shipping policies, especially if you don’t plan on going through with the sale. The gold market is definitely a place where you can make money off of old gold coins, bars or jewelry, but you have to make sure you’re driving the bargaining.